Imagine how much more you could accomplish with integrated, professional support.


Achieve progress that is is meaningful to you as a Founder.  Manage your resources to maximum impact.  Both are more likely when you, as leader, have clarity about what matters most to you personally.  Combine that clarity with strategic direction and every choice and decision thereafter flows from the strongest roots.

  • Facilitated values clarification
  • Identification of brand attributes (core “push” message)
  • Articulation of business, consumer and social benefits (core “attraction” message)


Building upon your expertise and organizational strengths, we help you learn as much as possible about your target customers and clients.  We explore your greatest opportunities to serve their needs and preferences.  Then, using market-driven “intelligence” we help you carve out the best sales and distribution channels to deliver your offerings to your most receptive audiences.

  • Market and competitive research
  • Business and sales planning
  • Execution of strategy and plans


It may be disconcerting to some to realize that YOU do not determine the value of your products and services – your customers do!  Similarly, you are not in complete control of your messages any more.  Anyone who is interested in your brand can influence perceptions positively – and negatively – with social media.  Your audience is no longer restricted to humans either – now you you have to cater to search engines as well. We combine the best of traditional, digital and social strategies to create client-centric messages that reflect your brand, your values & your sales goals.

  • Develop and write core messages for the audiences most likely to respond
  • Design creative campaigns that combine print, digital, social and web channels
  • Establish founders as thought leaders and industry influencers


After working across industries, cultures and a wide range of personalities over two decades, one of the things we enjoy greatly is bringing people together in mutually beneficial relationships.  We’ve been involved in many collaborations and believe passionately that no one can go it alone and have half the success as when they assemble a powerful team and network of champions.  We can help you identify potential partners, negotiate roles & responsibilities and avoid pitfalls.

  • Assessment of needs for complementary relationships
  • Identify & make introductions to prospective contractors, collaborators, partners and Board members
  • Negotiate roles, responsibilities and agreements


As the saying goes, one product or service does not a venture make!  It is important whether your venture is traditional or social in nature, to develop and maintain multiple revenue streams – focused on meeting customer needs – in order to be sustainable.  As important, maintaining relationships with customers and influencers to build loyal and engaged communities is critical.  Over the long run, the organizations that are part of the larger social eco-system and who manage their resources with that eco-system in mind, are the ones that will survive and thrive.

  • New products and services development
  • Repurposing of existing content for product and service extensions
  • Development of online community and referral networks


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