About VG


Venture Growth was launched in 1993 (originally as Greenfield Management Group) to provide technology commercialization, marketing and business development services to a wide range of scientific and engineering firms on the East Coast.   In the early years the focus was on helping developers of intellectual property generate revenue streams and carve pathways into the marketplace.  The work was fascinating and very challenging as most of the clients were PhDs on the cutting edges of their fields (bioscience, nanotechnology, new materials, drug discovery and development, and information technology) and therefore way ahead of the markets they were trying to enter.  It was through these experiences that Alyson and Don developed expertise and ease in translating innovative – sometimes difficult – concepts and products for the lay audience of manufacturers, licensing agents, corporate buyers, end-users and journalists.

Throughout the first decade, the partners were actively involved in economic development, small business advocacy and community leadership – often organizing and collaborating with diverse groups across sectors including industry associations, media, government, academic, research, nonprofit and entrepreneurial groups.  As a result of these engagements, the client mix diversified as well, enabling the partners to provide growth strategy and marketing services for professional practices, service firms, retail organizations, artists and inventors of consumer products.

There have been wonderful success stories and a smattering of spectacular failures – a range of which we share throughout this site.  Yes, that’s another thing.  We are avid storytellers – and see the interconnectedness of all these rich experiences.  It’s always about relationships (those that work and those that don’t) and being clear about our intentions.   Our understanding of both is frequently cited by clients as Venture Growth’s distinction and greatest value.

Since relocating to Colorado in 2004, the partners have continued to work with visionary entrepreneurs and social venture leaders as they ride the waves of economic change and navigate a global marketplace transformed by digital, mobile and social technologies.  Our primary concern remains:  supporting creative people as they bring their intellectual gifts and personal values to bear on the major challenges facing humankind.



It’s no accident that you have arrived here at this moment in time. Like us, your greatest opportunity to make a difference in the world is to build a business purposely designed to support a clear and compelling vision or social mission. This strategic choice aligns you with a growing movement of entrepreneurs who are applying their creativity, passion and business acumen to generating profit AND social benefit.




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